That moment when you realize that an agent wants your book

You write and you write and you write. You have so many insecurities and questions.

“Is anyone else ever going to read this?”

“Will I allow anyone else to read this?”

Deep down you think that just maybe this book that you’ve slaved away at might be something. You go to the Midwest Writers Conference. You learn to pitch an agent. You pitch one agent and then another agent, and before it’s all said and done EVERY agent at the conference is interested in your book!

Right when this sinks in, I stick a camera in your face.

Your name is Summer Heacock (aka @fizzygrrl) ,go…

After Summer’s soliloquy of squee, Jama, the workshop’s directors, says, “This is why I do this.”

Like Jama, and hopefully like Summer, the conference played an important role on my path to being a published author — I met my agent there. I’m thrilled to be on the committee of the workshop. The summer 2013 conference is July 25-27, and marks the 40th anniversary of the conference that has helped so many writers.

Pencil in that date. Follow the Midwest Writers Facebook page for announcements regarding 2013 faculty. But most of all keep writing and writing and writing…

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Summer says:

“Soliloquy of squee” Oh man, I love that, lol.

And MWW13? I WILL BE THERE. With all the bells on!

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