Wanna win a Fair Trade T-shirt?

What do you think or Rule29‘s redesign of my site?  Do yourself a favor and reload until you see the banana costumes.

To celebrate, I’m giving away a Fair Trade T-shirt and an autographed copy of the 2nd edition of Where Am I Wearing?  Just leave a comment, serious or otherwise, about what you’d like me to blog about and I’ll randomly select a commenter as the winner.

Becki says:

I’m bummed: I keep hitting refresh, and rotating through the pictures on top, and I don’t see any banana costumes. I do like the sprinkling of countries in the background, however.

I am always fascinated by your connecting the local with the global, either by sharing a story about someone you met in another country or recognition of “he just doesn’t get it” about one of our countrymen (or countrywomen). With the former, I learn a little more about this wonderful, crazy world of ours; with the latter, I feel just a little smug that I think I do get it. Either way, warm fuzzies all ’round.

Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to the food edition!

Mayra says:

Keep up the great work! Would love to read more about high fashion and also about new and upcoming American designers/brands who are trying to bring back manufacturing to the USA and what that entails

Daisy says:

I’m having fun trying to ID all the countries in the background off their shapes!

Love hearing about people you’ve met and any admirable/useful companies or movements you stumble across.

Let your voice be heard!