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I get asked all the time, but I have no idea how many countries I’ve been to. It’s probably somewhere around 60.

One thing is for sure; it’s way fewer than Chris Guillebeau. The dude is going to EVERY country and he’s just a few away from being done.

When I first heard about Chris’s goal – travel to every country on the planet – I rolled my eyes. What value is there in popping into a place for a day or two? In some countries it takes me that long to work up the nerve to cross the street. I’m more of author Tim Cahill’s philosophy: “A journey is best measured in friends and not miles.”

But instead of writing Chris off as a globetrotting country counter, I visited his blog. I saw what he was doing. Chris is living the life that he wants to live, chasing down his goals with focus and determination, and more, he’s helping others reach their goals too.

My goal isn’t to travel to every country in the world, or to start a fashion line, or to open a coffee shop, or to help people beat debt, but all of these things are goals of people Chris has inspired.

Chris has traveled countless miles and has countless friends to show for it. Chris has shown me that it is possible to measure a journey in miles and friends.

Today Chris’s new book The 100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future launches. Chris introduces us to a cast of characters who have done everything the subtitle promises.

Here’s how Chris describes it:

If you want to create more freedom and security for yourself through a “very small” business, the skills and the money you have are all you need. Don’t wait!

I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Reader’s Copy of The The 100 Startup. It is full of stories of people rubbing the sleep out of their eyes one morning and taking a new direction. Now of course, it’s not that simple. So through the examples of these unique entrepreneurs and his own experiences Chris walks us through everything from pricing, marketing, and how to afford health insurance. You need to know this stuff to succeed, but before that you need inspired.

The The 100 Startup is where inspiration meets rubber-on-the road business advice.

Before you do anything you need to start. What are you waiting for?


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