In Egypt Lester Holt plays Rambo and fails, Anderson Cooper films himself being punched in the face

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Lester Holt is Rambo

The scene: A 76-year-old, American women is trapped in her apartment in Cairo as the halls and streets crawl with armed thugs. She is armed with a cane, a knife, and a rolling pin (I’m not making this up). Previously she wanted to stay put so her place wouldn’t be looted, but now, with the escalating violence, she wants out.Lester Holt as Susan Boyle

Enter Lester Holt, the voice of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, a man equally comfort in an apron and a flak jacket, able to segue from human drama to women’s fashion flubs in the blink of an eye.

Hold on grandma! Lester is coming and — even though the media is being targeted by Pro-Mubarak thugs — he’s bringing his camera crew?!?!?

They get within spittin’ distance of grandma before they are told to turn back; it isn’t safe for journalists. Lester returns to his “secure balcony” and delivers the news to grandma.

Here’s an idea, send your grip, camera guy, or Egyptian (!!!!) translator who could easily blend in with the crowd to get grandma, instead of trying to capture your heroics on camera.

There’s been a lot of amazing reporting coming out of Egypt, some of it from Lester. At its finest, it’s powerful, important work. At its worst, it’s Lester Holt going Rambo.

If Mary Thornberry was my mom or grandma, I’d be pissed. She’s not and I’m still pissed.

Anderson Cooper is Rocky

In related news: The only thing disturbs me more than watching Anderson Cooper being punched in the face is realizing that AC is taping himself being punched in the face instead of blocking the punches. Not that Anderson’s career needs any help, but, let’s be honest, a few punches here a detainment there can make a career. Journalists in situations like this should do whatever they can to not be the story.


I saw NBC Nightly News piece with Lester Holt, and my first thought was that if he tried to cross that without the camera, he might have had more luck, since the mobs were targeting journalists. Which was what Richard Engle, next to whom Holt was standing, had just reported. Duh.
The other thought was that the media in recent years has become the self-proclaimed “saviours” of the people, all for ratings. I doubt NBC’s desire to save the Grandma was less for her safety and more for the exclusive story. She ought to whomp them with a rolling pin.

Kyle says:

Joanne and Kels,

I couldn’t agree more. I saw this report yesterday morning and wanted to scream at the TV, “Leave the cameras on your secure balcony, morons!” The thought had to cross their minds, but it was obvious that Lester wasn’t going to put himself in danger unless his “heroic” deed was captured for all the world to see.

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