Of Faith and Farts (not necessarily in that order)

fireI had nothing to do with this. I swear. (Photo from Flickr Creative Commons by k.ivoutin)

Today I had two pieces come out. One on farts and one on faith.

Farts on a Plane

Okay, that’s not what I actually titled it but that’s what I call it when I talk to myself, has been entertaining audiences across the country since this spring. I should say mostly entertaining audiences. It really depends on the audience. Basically it’s an 800-word true-life fart joke. I once read it in a church. I’m not sure that was the greatest idea. Laughing at farts in a church just seems wrong. Still, if it grabs the audience early, it kills. But if it doesn’t, oh boy, it’s not very fun working through the second half. So far it has about an 80% kill rate.

I cross-posted it on the Huffington Post along with my blog. Folks complain about the HuffPo not paying anything. They use me; I use them. Seems like a fair deal.

One Day in the Slum

I have two writing rules. Rule #1: Avoid writing about politics and religion. Rule #2: Avoid writing about politics and religion. I break that rule. I’ll post the link to the story tomorrow. Look for it in the morning. I can’t wait for you to read it.


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