Skunk Yard Wars

With a can of insect repellent and a shovel, I approach the skunk’s lair.


And Part 2: The hole is filled! Bring on the skunk.


Betty says:

I enjoyed the skunk wars, Kelsey (much better than you did I’m sure). I’ve had many experiences with skunks, some of them really funny. The funniest was when I heard some screaming outside one night and thought something had hold of a rabbit. A shrub next to the driveway was shaking like mad. I decided I’d better have a look (about 10 or 11 pm) and here were two skunks mating!! Well, I ran back in the house hoping they were too busy to notice me, and the next day I tore that complete shrub out!

Did you know a baby skunk has full use of its scent? In a different house, when sewers were being installed, one small hole was cut into our cement floor in the basement and one day after Halloween I heard a rustling in one of the main floor rooms. I came into the room and there, happily munching on the kids’ candy was a baby skunk. We were renovating at the time and there were long boards lying on the basement stairs making it impossible to close that door, but as we stood looking at each other, he decided to run downstairs. I lifted the lumber, or more like it, threw it up, and slammed the door. We couldn’t get it out of the basement, but one day my husband attacked it, thinking it might be a rat scurrying up the wall inside the insulation. It wasn’t. We moved out for a month. It took that long to get the smell out of the house.

Kelsey says:

Betty, We think the skunk has moved out. My neighbor wanted to try and poison it, but we have a lot of neighborhood cats I was worried about. Plus, I guess skunks are pretty good to have around because they eat a lot of other unwanted stuff. Still, I’m not sure what can be more unwanted than a skunk. I can’t believe you had to move out for an entire month. Yikes! Actually I can believe it. When I was sprayed, I smelled for a long time.

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