Made in Africa

If the garment industry keeps seeking out the bottom as it seems to do, sooner or later you gotta think it’s going to hit Africa. Actually, it has a little bit. I see clothes made in Mauritius, Egypt, and Lesotho. But still, the continent as a whole is a small player in the industry compared to Asia.

I don’t know a whole lot about the industry in Africa, that’s why the book, Hanging by a Thread: Cotton, Globalization, and Poverty in Africa has made it’s way onto my to-read list .

Part of me hopes the industry does start to set roots in Africa and provide much needed jobs, but part of me doesn’t. I’ve also seen how the industry tears at families and their culture.


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What my readers look like

The other day I was wondering who my readers were and what they looked like. And then I got this photo…

Book Models

Maybe I’m a little biased because they are holding my book, but I guess I never realized how beautiful my readers are.

(Note: I didn’t doctor the photo; it was sent to me like that.)…

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Look Dad, my anthropology degree did payoff

Unlike most anthropology majors/degree holders, I’ve admitted why I chose to study anthropology in school. I always joke that I got my degree in the field and promptly became a dive instructor in Key West where I worked alongside another anthropology major. So, it isn’t like I’ve put the degree to good use, until now…

My WorldHum OneDerWear piece got a mention on the website of the Archaeology Institute of America. Eat your heart out Indy!…

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