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If the garment industry keeps seeking out the bottom as it seems to do, sooner or later you gotta think it’s going to hit Africa. Actually, it has a little bit. I see clothes made in Mauritius, Egypt, and Lesotho. But still, the continent as a whole is a small player in the industry compared to Asia.

I don’t know a whole lot about the industry in Africa, that’s why the book, Hanging by a Thread: Cotton, Globalization, and Poverty in Africa has made it’s way onto my to-read list .

Part of me hopes the industry does start to set roots in Africa and provide much needed jobs, but part of me doesn’t. I’ve also seen how the industry tears at families and their culture.

As I say in Where am I Wearing? we hope change is good, but we don’t know.

(Updated: Thanks for the geography help EVA!)

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Eva says:

Uh, Sri Lanka’s in South Asia…

On a related note, I thought the chapter in Travels of a T-Shirt about the used clothing markets in Africa were fascinating!!

Eva says:

The chapter… WAS fascinating, even.

Kelsey says:

Eva, noted and corrected. Thanks for the help.

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