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JD Schuyler is a young (younger than me) videographer based in Indianapolis.  As a videographer and storyteller, I think he’s destined for big things.  Currently one of those big things is Stories From the Border:

…footage of undocumented migrants, healthcare providers, NGO workers, religious members and citizens of marginalized communities…an effort to present the depth and breadth of issues that surround the U.S./Mexico border… documenting the issues that seem almost omnipresent along the border…highlighting the efforts of those working to respond to these issues.

JD and I have been in touch since he contacted me after reading WAIW.  He accompanied me on a visit to the Zionsville Library and made this video (now go subscribe to his YouTube Channel or face the wrath of the Tag Checker!):

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Melissa says:

Nice! I’m going to bring this to the attention of the students. M

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