A (few) thousand (weird) words

Everything Ok

Really, what do you expect from a Chinese/Mongolian Grill located in Frankfurt, Indiana, where the high school’s mascot is a wiener dog? Love the honesty.

The Lobster Zone

At an Irish bar in Chicago. At least the lobster’s have a chance.  It’s hard enough winning stuffed animals, which are neither slimy nor alive, with a crane.

Reserved Colon Parking

If you work at a colon & rectal clinic, I’m guessing that you hear your fare share of shameless wisecracks (wiseCRACKS, get it) each day.  But when you label…

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Cussin' to Church

I often think about incompetence.

Tonight for instance, I thought about it a lot. I had plenty of time to do so because I was driving around Muncie for a 1.5 hours with two pecks of apples looking for a church with “Grace” in its name.

I cussed all the way to the west side of Muncie, and then…

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I don't say this often…

Watch Oprah today.


This is why…


I watched that video last night with my 9-month-old girl on my lap and nearly started crying.  I’m such a sap….

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