A (few) thousand (weird) words

Everything Ok

Really, what do you expect from a Chinese/Mongolian Grill located in Frankfurt, Indiana, where the high school’s mascot is a wiener dog? Love the honesty.

The Lobster Zone

At an Irish bar in Chicago. At least the lobster’s have a chance.  It’s hard enough winning stuffed animals, which are neither slimy nor alive, with a crane.

Reserved Colon Parking

If you work at a colon & rectal clinic, I’m guessing that you hear your fare share of shameless wisecracks (wiseCRACKS, get it) each day.  But when you label your parking spots like this, you’re just asking for it.  This is a good photo to END the post.

Kent says:

“Everything OK” nice to know the bar has been set so high.

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