A new reason to listen to me yap…

Earn college credit!

Tonight I’m speaking at Manchester College and students who attend can earn Values, Ideas, and Arts Credit (VIA).   Here’s what the college’s calendar says:

Thursday, September 24 7 p.m.
Wine Recital Hall Kelsey Timmerman on Where Am I Wearing?

What’s it like to go undercover as an underwear buyer in Bangladesh? Kelsey Timmerman can tell you. In 2007, he took out a second mortgage on his house so he could travel across the globe to meet the people who make our clothes. The result is his book, Where Am I Wearing? A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That Make Our Clothes. Says Timmerman: “If we reduce global issues to the stories of individual people, we can better see ourselves, our parents, our sons and daughters and our hopes and struggles in one another.”

You take out one second mortgage (nearly paid off) and every bio that’s written about you notes how irresponsible you are.

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