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Today is the unofficial launch of the new site. We’re still tweaking some things but would love to hear what you think. Next week is the official launch and we’ve got a bunch of fun stuff planned including the iPod giveaway.

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Mike Pugh says:

Dude, very, very nice. Dig the concept, love the thematic tie-in, layout is solid, colors nice. I’m impressed.

Whoever thought of the little contact/RSS/date tabs is brilliant.

Kelsey says:

Thanks, Mike. The company that designed it is Rule29 – http://www.rule29.com. They are based out of Geneva, Illinois. I believe that’s your neck of the woods, isn’t it?

Jenn says:

Kelsey, the new blog looks fantastic! I love all the tags!

Kyle says:

Nice, very fancy in here. Lot’s of space and leg-room. I like it!

Alan says:

Great design! I’m going to have to start coming to the site instead of just picking up the feed…

Kelsey says:

Great Alan. Hope to hear from you more often.

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