Women networking around the world

Today I’m speaking at a “Women in Networking Lunch” hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce. I intend to talk about the mothers, daughters, entrepreneurs, the supermodel, and the budding beautician who I met and write about in WAIW? I’m going to wrap up by inviting those in attendance to join me in supporting women in Cambodia with a microloan through Kiva.org.

Last night I lent $25 to Mao Yan. She is the widowed mother of 7 children a few of which are garment workers in Phnom Penh. I was hoping to ask others to lend to her as well, but this morning I was happy to see that her $1,000 loan has been met.

So, instead, I say we support this group of women described below. You can loan as little as $25 at a time.

A group of five people have requested this small loan and they all reside in Prek Pras Sdach Commune in Battambang Province.

Mrs. Chantha has been selected as leader by the group members. She currently makes a daily living by selling Khmer cakes. She generally transports her wares on her hand cart for sale. Most of her clients are students. She is a widow with children: one lives away from home and the others reside in the family home.

To help provide for the family’s expenses, Mrs. Chantha’s daughter runs a small beauty salon that serves the whole commune. Chantha has requested a loan to help increase her daughter’s capital.

About the other four borrowers:

Mrs. Dalin is requesting a loan to run a small soft drink store. Mrs. Sokha sells used clothes and is asking for a loan to expand her business. Mrs. Sokphal is a fruit seller and she needs a loan to buy fruits for sale. Mrs. Sokun washes clothes for a laundry shop, and she too requests a loan to purchase fruits to sell.

Kent says:

Nice work Kels.

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