A question

Is it acceptable for an author to show up at a reading wearing the same shirt that they are wearing on their book jacket?

I did at my reading in Louisville, but the whole time I was wondering if anyone would notice. I hate to think that I can never wear the shirt again, but I also don’t want folks to think that it’s my only shirt.

The shirt in question was featured by American Apparel. Here it is…

At all my speaking events I try to wear clothes that I’ve bought since I’ve converted to engaged consumerism so I can refer to them as ways that I now shop. Tonight I’m doing a reading at Indiana University where I’ll be wearing a Patagonia shirt I got half off at and end of season sale. Tomorrow I’ll be speaking in Palm Beach, Florida, where I’ll be wearing a shirt Made in El Salvador and a sports jacket I bought because it was on sale at Macy’s (every engaged consumer has their limits).


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