8 Reasons you should buy Joe the Plumber’s book and not mine

There aren’t a whole lot of ways for me to tell how my book is doing without bugging my publisher (and if you must know, both my publisher and agent are pleased with sales). So, one of the few ways I can tell is to check my Amazon rank, which has been anywhere from 10,000 to 300,000, but the rank can vary by 100,000 or so per day and really still doesn’t offer much insight.

In order to come up with some kind of benchmark, I started to check the rank of Joe The Plumber’s new book – Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream. I found that Where Am I Wearing and Fighting for the American Dream were waging quite an Amazon sales rank war.

At the time of posting JTP is ranked 263,000 and WAIW? is at 295,000.

To help you decide which book is for you, I’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why you should buy JTP’s book and not mine. (I though writing the reverse would be the equivalent of voting for yourself as “Most likely to succeed.”)

1) You hate Ohioans with Southern Accents. We’re both from Ohio, but I’m from southern Ohio and have a bit of a twang.

2) You believe not paying taxes is a heroic form of civil disobedience. This makes Joe a hero and me just a tax-paying schmuck.

3) You’re brainwashed by the media and think Joe actually matters and represents something.

4) You’re addicted to plumber’s crack and goatees.

5) Joe is an American fighting for the American Dream and I’m just an American that traveled around the world wondering if the American Dream still exists, which, of course, is extremely unpatriotic.

6) You think that people who are referred to by their actual names are lame.

7) You think that educating the people about the coming television conversion from digital to analog is the greatest cause since ending world hunger. Much more important than educating people about the sacrifices made by the folks who make our clothes.

8) You prefer authors that don’t write, just like you prefer war correspondents that can’t correspond, and plumbers who aren’t plumbers, in these regards Joe is your triple-threat dreamboat.

Mary says:

It’s all down to our margins they are very tight on the Joe & Jack’s so the added VAT meant we had litlte choice but to raise the price. On Joe & Jill’s we have a bit more flexibility which is why we could keep the prices the same.

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