The Church of Stop Shopping & the Christmas Revolution

Reverend Billy from the film “What Would Jesus Buy” is preaching about a Christmas Revolution this holiday season on his blog:

The big ritual of giving is changing. We have thousands of reports coming into Families are approaching the holiday as an open experiment, often in step with other families in their neighborhoods or in their places of worship. In this Christmas Revolution, we ignore the veiled threats from the media that we’re bad Americans if the retail corporate grosses sink. We are returning to the very seed of the whole thing: the act of giving.

…commercial Christmas resembles a kind of indoctrination, since these images of happiness are very similar to one another. We call this the Demon Monoculture! The fiercely happy families on the glossy boxes are, above all – consumers. At Christmas we are supposed to be consumers buying the imagery of continuing our condition: shopping for our happiness.

The Christmas Revolution! It is powerful. It is radical. It doesn’t receive the coded imagery of how to live from outside, it creates that imagery and a world of possibility opens up. It is the seed of light in the depth of winter. It is the change of Spring that the child will live to see, a world at Peace.

If you’re not familiar with the good reverend he and his church are a spoof with a message. Even folks that you wouldn’t think would appreciate his antics, get a kick out of the reverend. Glenn Beck for instance…

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Jenn says:

He exorcised cash registers at Victoria’s Secret? That’s hilarious.

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