On the US News & World Report's Alpha consumer podcast

Yep, this is the one in which I endorse child labor. I was hoping that it went unnoticed or got edited out. It didn’t. From the show’s synopsis:

On the podcast, you’ll learn why he doesn’t like the term “sweatshops,” whether you should be protesting outside big-box stores, and why Timmerman says he’s not always opposed to child labor.

Give it a listen and tell me if I sound as stupid as I think I do.

Go listen to it or I’ll give extra lashings to this 8-year old mopping my floor!

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Melissa says:

You’re certainly not promoting it! I think you actually say that? And you talk about the surprise of child labor. You’re also not being too preachy.

Maybe I’m biased because I know you.

Ha ha, you say “uman” just like Kyle:)

beth says:

I don’t know you and I don’t think you sound stupid, either. Well done. You hit the nail on the head: end extreme poverty worldwide! Great analogy on consumer choices vs. diet choices, too. (To take it a step further, the challenge of knowing whether free range/organic etc. mean what you want them to mean is similar to the challenge of knowing whether you can trust a company’s fair labor claims, etc.)

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