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My blathering here have been a little more abbreviated of late than I would like. Largely, this is because I’ve been blathering elsewhere quite a bit. In a few months when no one wants to talk to me or guest post, I can post here as much as I like. But now, that they do, I better take advantage of it while I can.

This weekend Jessie at posted an interview with me. She also included a lot of photos, which is great for people that can’t read, which is a population that is being greatly reduced because of fab educators like the ones at WanderingEducators.

I’m going to popping up on some podcasts soon, including the one on which I’m pretty sure that I endorse child labor. Ouch! Even thought it will be painful to listen to, I’ll still point you toward it once it is up.

Next week I’ll be guest blogging for Mental Floss…which reminds me, I better stop blabbing here and get my guest posts ready.

So, see you here and see you elsewhere.

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