Dude, I'm a dude

I don’t mind someone thinking that I’m a woman because I’m named Kelsey. But I DO MIND when that someone, after talking with me for a few minutes and surely discerning that although my voice isn’t deep and booming it isn’t the least bit feminine, calls me Mam.

Even if I needed more credit, Mr. American General Guy, I most definitely would not be getting it through you!

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Melissa says:

When talking up your book here I did have one person look at the cover and say, “Oh, it’s a woman who wrote it”

Kelsey says:

I tossed around the idea of being called K.W. Timmerman, but thought that sounded a bit pretentious. In a book it’s not such a big deal, but in an 800 word column/story I wonder if sometimes the gender confusion might confuse the reader. Generally, I just stopped worrying about it.

Melissa says:

If it makes you feel any better I did run across a woman named Kyle

Kelsey says:

Melissa, it doesn’t make me feel better, but thanks for trying. I was once molested by a 6’5″ drag queen named Kylie and your comment brought back that painful memory. Off to the shrink…

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