A stylist on the economy and the importance of sustainable style

Rebecca Luke is a self-proclaimed “garmento” (not sure exactly what that it, but I like the word). From a recent post on her blog:

My advice is to yes, buy local if you are going to buy, but also consider buying smart. Take the time to look at your local designers that can create a custom fit piece for the same price as 70% off a designer department store piece. Buy higher quality investment pieces such as jackets, coats and shoes. Stick to classic silhouettes for yourself. Refurbish, alter and repair good items from your closet. Purchase from smaller local boutiques who carry high quality and high design ~ Mario’s, Butch Blum, Lola Pop and Polite Society are my favorites right now ~ Does this all sound familiar? If you work with me, you know this is how I have approached wardrobing for over ten years and what I teach through Sustainable Style about how to dress sustainably as well as stylishly.


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