The book has dropped

Well, today is the official release date of Where Am I Wearing? Unofficially, it’s been out for nearly two weeks.

As of yet there have been no reports of people camping outside of bookstores waiting to get their hands on a copy. What’s with that?

Although, my college roommate Matt reported the following:

By the way, I bought my copies from Bookstar in Phoenix (Barnes and Noble owns it). Anyway, I went in after work and asked for it by author name and they said it had just come in on the truck that morning so it wasn’t on the shelves yet. So, some pink haired girl went into the back and brought it out for me. Keep in mind I told both of them that I was in your wedding and that any cussing done in the book was a direct reflection on me and that I was proud. The lady behind the counter seemed intrigued. In fact, I showed the girl who I sit next to at work, and she called and put one your of books on order. The lady on the phone told her that “Oh, I want to read that, we have 5 of them coming in, we’ll put your name on one.”

My publishing date has jumped around quite a bit. A couple of weeks ago it was still set at Dec. 1. I asked my publisher what exactly a publishing date was. They told me that it is the date that every store carrying the book should have it in stock. So, from today forward, if you go into your bookstore, ask for a copy of WAIW?, and they don’t have it, you should say something like, “What kinda rinky dink book shop is this, anyhow?”

As Luanne, who posted her review of WAIW? on her blog A Bookworm’s World, points out, “it seems kind of appropriate that Where Am I Wearing is being released today from John Wiley & Sons. After all it’s Black Friday this week in the U.S. and Christmas shopping is well under way in Canada. (… trust me – the mall is packed …)”

In the book, I often refer to you and me as consumers, and never is that title more fitting than when we camp out in front of stores to buy bargain priced electronics and cashmere sweaters. This is the best week of the year to ask yourself the question that took me around the globe, “Where am I wearing?” or at least “Where will my grandma be wearing when she wears this $7 bathrobe I’m about to buy her?”

Happy shopping! Don’t forget, books make nice gifts.

Update: Another Review! Alyse of At home with Books on WAIW?

Kent says:

I went to Indigo (the Canadian version of Borders) last week. They have it online but the store didn’t have any copies yet. What kind of rinky dink country is this?

I’ll try again this week.

Melissa says:

Congratulations on being “official!”

Still waiting for my copies to arrive…

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