Living the globalized life

Vietnamese-American leaves California for Ho Chi Minh City, gets job selling Versace in Vietnam. From the LA Times story:

After less than a year, Nguyen jumped into the fashion industry, becoming the chief operating officer of one of Vietnam’s leading fashion retailers, Maison Co., which imports brands including Mango and Versace. She is considered a ranking corporate executive and travels frequently, from showrooms in Milan and Barcelona, and manages 250 employees. Such an opportunity, she said, would probably have been out of reach in the United States.

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elizabeth says:

Yes there’s so much more for people out there, than what’s available in our local neighborhoods.

You can research the possibilities remotely, but really have to take the leap and go there to actualize it. Or, god forbid, work as an english teacher for awhile first, while you meet people and set yourself up for a great job you never knew existed.

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