Check the Tag

I interviewed students at Ball State U. here in Muncie on Halloween and asked them “Where are you wearing?”

It was a lot of fun and I’d like to thank all of those students who took time out of their busy days spent passing out free hugs, playing four square, hittin’ hookahs, and possibly studying…but apparently not studying geography.

Portions of this video will be combined with portions of my first attempt at a book trailer. After viewing this, my publicist, Cynthia, told me that I probably should drop the “bong boys.” So, watch this video now because the bong boys (smoking flavored tobacco, nothing illegal) probably got to go and they cracked me up.

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Matt Barhorst says:

That was entertaining Kelsey. You even have a “tagline.” Get it, a TAG-line? Thats funny because they say Check the Tag, and its a tag line. Email me if you need more of an explanation.

You could make a REDBAND trailer next time, and only check bra tags. Just a suggestion.

Kelsey says:

Matt, You are one part clever and two parts perve, you know it?

Cody Jackson says:

I am one of the “bong boys” that you see in this video, the one in the Star Wars t-shirt. I have to say that I hope that your book is well received and that hopefully your publicist doesn’t cut us from the video.

Kelsey says:


Thanks for tracking me down. The “bong boy” are my favorite part of the video, but I’m afraid it had to go in the final version —


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