A flash from blog posts past: Don’t mess with Hummels

Two-and-a-half years ago, no more than 60 some posts into what is sure to be a lifetime of blogging (yes, this is a cry for help), I posted a rather mundane tid bit about Hummels. Since then, the occasional Hummel-o-phile (that’s what we’ll call them, sounds nicer than weirdos) stumbled upon the post and asked me for advice and then berated me when I did not get back in touch with them in under four hours:

Posted by Anonymous…

this web site is ??? i have had no response to my question, i don’t think you have anyone inquire about anything here since 2006, so i’ll move on, thanks for nothing

Thanks for nothing! And that means a lot from a person who has actually received a hummel as a gift. Anyhow, this was my response…

You are ???? What kind of ??? leaves a comment on a travel blog about Hummels and expects an answer within 4 hours? If you visited the site’s homepage, you would have seen that it has moved. Good luck pricing your ??? Hummels. I’m sure they’re worth more than you could have ever dreamed and you’ll be like one of the guests on Antique Roadshow — all ??? your pants with excitement and joy.

If you are a Hummel lover and you are offended by this post, please don’t comment here. If you do, there will be repercussions. Namely, I’ll drop whatever I’m doing in my life and hunt your Hummel collection down and smash them into little bits. In turn, if you would like to pretend to be a Hummel lover and go way over the top with your adoration of the porcelain figures, please do so.

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Jenn says:

Kelsey, as I’m reading this your Google ads are for “Hummels at a Discount” and “Men in Lingerie”: two very scary things.

Kelsey says:

If the ad was for Hummels in lingerie, I’d be clicking through.

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