On politics in the Dayton City Paper, really…

I try to avoid writing/talking about politics. All that you need to know is that I think I’m right and you’re wrong and I know that you think you’re right and I’m wrong. But, as you can imagine, not writing about politics can be kind of tricky when the assignment is the Democratic National Convention.

I think that I did a pretty good job of not getting political in my recent piece for the Dayton City Paper. Decide for yourself:

You can read it here. (This link will probably expire in a few days.)

The story is paired against one written by a Dayton-area Republican. He does get political, but probably knows enough to get political. While I think it’s interesting how this fella has been to so many of the recent conventions, I think that I would have approached a story about the RNC a little differently.

The protesters at the RNC had to be way more interesting, evidenced by the use of tear gas on them, and he didn’t mention them once. At the DNC there were the bird porn folks, but that was about it.

The left produces a much better and more interesting grade of political wackos. Maybe I’ll go to the RNC in 2012.

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Eva says:

Kelsey, I really enjoyed that piece!

Melissa says:

I made it through your piece–can’t say the same for the Republican (there was nothing to hook me in!)

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