Galveston is worse than you think

Apartment in Hurricane from Space

Seen any photos of Galveston since Hurricane Ike?

I didn’t think so.

My sources say that it’s because Galveston Island is worse than you think. This is pretty scary considering that there are reports of the island being without electricity or water for weeks or months.

I’ve never had a hurricane hit so close to home – not my home, but my brothers. Kyle and his wife Jenn live and work on the island. As luck would have it, Kyle and Jenn have had plane tickets to fly to Ohio for months. They arrived last Wednesday.

Ike hit Galveston Friday night.

Their apartment is on the second floor near The Strand. The apartment likely avoided the flood damage, but, chances are, the 10-foot high windows shattered and wind and rain had their way with Kyle and Jenn’s furniture and belongings. They don’t know yet. No one is allowed on the island and, as much as they have scoured the internet for photos near their apartment, they’ve found none.

Kyle works at the University of Texas Medical Branch and his boss told him not to come back for at least another week. Chances are that it will be much longer than that.

The Red Cross is currently accepting donations to help those hit by Ike. You can donate here. I’ll be donating to my brother.

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Kent says:


10ft windows?! Sounds like a nice place. I hope things turnout better than expected.

Kelsey says:

Did I say apartment??? I meant penthouse!

Kyle Timmerman says:

Rumor has it that our apartment may have escaped major damage. We’re scheduled to fly back on the 22nd. We’ll hopefully be able to get onto the island to take a peek for ourselves. It may be a month or more before we’re living in Galveston again. Regardless, we feel extremely lucky to have scheduled our vacation right before Ike arrived on our doorstep.

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