Your goals are making me feel inadequate

Author Stephenie Meyer was interviewed in yesterday’s USA Today. Currently she is dominating the bestseller lists (3 of the 4 top spots on the USA Today’s top 100). In the interview they refer to her as the “next J.K. Rowling,” which is always an overstatement, but overstated time-and-time again, just like the “next Michael Jordan” is in basketball.

What she had to say about the overstatement: “There will never be another J.K. Rowling. That’s a lot of pressure on me, isn’t it? I’m just happy being Stephenie Meyer. That’s cool enough for me.”

Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, and Lebron James all have said a similar version of that.

As fans we’re rarely satisfied with what we’ve got, so we always search for the second-coming of what we had.

That said, she is hugely successful, prolific, and writes about a subject near and dear to my heart – vampires. Her teen vampire series that features a love triangle made up of a teenage girl, her love interest a vampire, and a werewolf, at first thought, sounds somewhat familiar. Although, I don’t think her teenage protagonist is a butt-kicking vampire slayer.

Her plans for next year: “I’m just going to try and stay home and write five books next year.”

5 Books!

That’s why I would like to make the transition to writing fiction one of these days. Between the travel and research, it would be impossible for me to write 5 WAIW-like books in a year. From the outside, making stuff up seems much more efficient, or at the very least, less expensive.

Meyer’s latest book, Breaking Dawn is out tonight at midnight. You know you’ve made it big when stores stay open to midnight to sell your book.

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