Lazy Muncie Rap

Forget about East Coast and West Coast rap. These fellas are bringing it straight to you from the Midwest Coast’s Rappin’ Capital of Muncie, Indiana, where I live.

The video is a response to SNL’s Lazy Sunday.

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Jenn says:

Hey Kels, the blonde kid in the video is Kirby Heyborne…he may originally be from Muncie, but he’s big in Utah. I think he lives in Cali now, but I know he’s been acting in movies in Utah for years. So funny to see him on youtube!

Kelsey says:

Somehow that devalues this clip. He’s not really a Muncian and he’s an actor. I just thought he was some guy living in Muncie and bored out of his mind.

Lynne says:

That was really fun!! They might have met Jim Davis for this video, but Kels, you met Jim Davis many, many years ago. (I bet Jim Davis remembers that meeting of oh so long ago!) These guys ain’t got nothing on you!

Kelsey says:

I met Jim Davis when I was about 5. Back then Garfield was only 6 and had yet to dominate the cartoon world. I doubt that Davis remembers me, even though I was incredibly cute.

Jenn says:

Did Garfield EVER dominate the cartoon world?

Kelsey says:


From Wikipedia (as is all knowledge):

“As of 2007, Garfield is syndicated in roughly 2,580 newspapers and journals and it currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip.”

I would call that domination.

Jenn says:

Um, Kels, lest you think that your sister-in-law was trash talking you, please note that Kyle (the self-proclaimed Master of Trash Talking) used my computer to leave that little tidbit, and he just forgot to change my name to his. I won’t question Garfield’s domination, as I’m pretty sure that you would never talk to me again.

Kelsey says:

Jenn, I figured that couldn’t have been you.

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