A few bits ‘o tid

* I updated the T-shirt survey results. Mexico is still firmly in the lead.

* I’ve been found out: “Kelsey Timmerman, the aforementioned “guy”, doesn’t come off as a particularly educated or well-informed guy, nor does he try to be.

* I’ve added a set of links to the right called “of Globalization and Garments.” If you stumble across anything that would work here let me know.

* I also added a set of links titled “Who I’m Reading.” These are people I read on a regular basis and I use my site as a jumping off point to them. I’m lazy like that. If you’ve never read Nick Kristof, I suggest you check in on him weekly.

* No one has won the “13 fellas” competition, even though I’ve practically give you all the answers. If nobody wins, we’ll have another contest soon.

* I’m announcing big news tomorrow.

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Kyle Timmerman says:

So. . .does the booger, er. . .I mean blogger from GWG like WAIW or hate it?? They plug your site, say that you have an interesting idea, show your video, and then proceed to offer up gems like: “Kelsey. . . doesn’t come across as educated or well-informed” and “(WAIW) is not the best designed or organized website.” HAHA!! Wowza! A pat on the back followed by a kidney-punch groin-kick combo. Sorry, Kels, a B.A. in anthropology from Miami University just doesn’t carry as much weight as it once did. The GWG-booger, a veritable wizard of web design, clearly has his/her PhD in “You can’t possibly know as much about anything as me” from Harvard.

Hey, Kels, don’t take it too hard. GWG-Booger-PhD did say that you are “likeable” and “trying to do a good thing.” And THANK GOODNESS for that! Because if it weren’t for those qualities, genius/saint hybrids like Booger-Phd wouldn’t deign to “look deeper into your world”–a world that we “regular” people quite enjoy.

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