If this is true, how am I not gay?

This video shows commercials for 10 toys in the 80’s that might have “made you gay.” I was 4 for 10.

I had a wuzzle. I still remember his name – Bumble Lion

I was jealous of my friend’s Michael Jackson “Beat it” action figure. Alright it was a doll, but back then MJ could really kick some butt. Those thugs in “Beat it” didn’t have a chance!

I had a pogo ball.

I wore underoos. Here’s photographic evidence.

Do These Underoos Make Me Look Gay?

How much more hetero can you get than these three young studs?

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Eva says:

Dang, that video brought back some memories! I’m 1 for 9 (I had a wuzzle action figure, rather than the stuffed toy) but I definitely wanted ALL of those things. Except maybe the underoos…

Kelsey says:

I didn’t know they had wuzzle action figures. Those puppies might be worth something!

Don’t be knocking the Underoos. You know you wished you had had a pair of Care Bear Underoos.

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