Three thousand words: My wife the Ninja

Yesterday we were playing with Annie’s nephew when she busted out the kick-ass-kung-fu-guy-gets-knocked-down-and-then-hops-back-up-to-kick-your-butt move. I’m not sure if she has ever impressed me more. Just another reason why I (can’t) don’t beat her.

Anne Fu 1

Anne Fu 2

Anne Fu 3

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Jenn says:

Kyle’s first reaction to this: he turned to me and said, “why can’t you do that?” Three weeks in and I’m already a disappointment. The bar has been set HIGH.

Kelsey says:

Jenn, you probably don’t have to pull off moves like this because you’re such a bad ass that you never get knocked down.

Lynne says:

I’m with Kels. Isn’t there some rumor going around about your super powers and magically powerful racquetball racquet?!!

Emily says:

Don’t worry Jenn- you are the sister-in-law… I’m the SISTER… see what I’ve had to compete with??? I did try to have 24 1st graders try this today, along with the jumping from your knees to the standing position. I don’t recommend doing it again!

Kyle Timmerman says:

First off: Annie, VERY COOL! Everytime I look at those pics, I hear the Million DOllar Man sound effects: “Ba-na-nah-nah-na!” Secondly, what Jenn lacks in “kick-ass-kung-fu-guy-gets-knocked-down-and-then-hops-back-up-to-kick-your-butt” moves, she more than makes up for with a wicked upper-cut and a vicious round-house. Basically, her Kung Fu is Very Strong.

Kelsey says:

Lynne, I almost forgot about the magical racquetball racquet of pain.

Emily, Did you try to teach them to do the worm???

Kyle, I say next Christmas we have a fight — my wife’s ninja moves vs. your wife’s Kung Fu.

Lynne says:

I say we go for an annual Christmas family talent night!

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