In the hands of a higher power

I finished editing the book yesterday. Now it’s in the hands of a higher power – Richard, my editor.

I’m happy with how it all went and I enjoy reading it, which is really saying something because I wrote it and I’ve read each word a bazillion times. I should be sick of it.

Back in December when I signed the contract for the book, I was somewhat worried with how soon Wiley wanted it. I had never written anything over a few thousand words and wasn’t sure if three months would be enough time to pump out a book that I would be happy with. As it turns out I wrote at least 25% more book than I was contractually obligated to write. I’ve cut some of the words, but I’m still about 15% over. In the next couple weeks, I’ll have a new challenge – unwriting.

For now I’m happy with the book, but this is subject to change depending on what the Higher Power thinks.

Excuse me while I sacrifice a goat.

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Kyle Timmerman says:

Congrats, Kels. I’ve already begun a pretty extensive marketing campaign for you in Texas. By the way, a fatted calf trumps a goat everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

Kelsey says:

I’m not even sure what a fatted calf is. I appreciate the Texas marketing campaign. I’ll talk to the publisher and see if they can release a larger size “Texas Edition” of the book to accommodate the Texan consumers need of all things bigger.

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