Cheesy Press Release

For some reason I started getting travel-related press releases by email and mail.

Yesterday I received a packet with a map encouraging me to take a road trip to visit “116 tasty points of interest across America’s Dairyland” – Wisconsin. The following sentence says it all:

“The possibilities for fun are endless, including information about specialty cheese shops and cheesemaking facilities, where you can meet many of the nation’s most awarded cheesemakers, tour their “workshops” and sample some of Wisconsin’s best products.”

Among the things that I include on my endless possibilities of fun list are NOT “information about specialty cheese shops” or “cheesemaking facilities” or “cheesemakers.”

Even though I will never visit one of Wisconsin’s 116 tasty points of interest, I would like to encourage the Milk Marketing board to continue to send me their PR’s because I really do appreciate their effort. Plus I learned a fun fact: there is a Colby Wis. Who knew?

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Melissa says:

As a first generation non-Wisconsian I always enjoyed the stops at cheese places along the drives through Wisconsin! There’s nothing like fresh Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds.

Kelsey says:

Don’t get me wrong, I like cheese. It’s just that I don’t see myself much into the whole cheese tourism thing. But I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I try it.

Melissa says:

True. Cheese isn’t really a destination–it just happens a long the way

Kyle Timmerman says:

Melissa: Yuck!

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