Another tremor…

On the Carole King scale of measuring earthquakes it was about like this…

I hope the quakes stop because I’m not sure if I can find any more awful renditions of “I Feel the Earth Move” on YouTube.

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Melissa says:

You could always make your own rendition. Clearly, YouTube needs more if 3 was all you could find!

Melissa says:

…and, based on the singing of your theme song on your 1st podcast (oh yes, I remember) you are definitely up to the challenge of “I feel the earth move”

Kelsey says:

Melissa, I’ll tell you what, if there is another earthquake today, I’ll record one.

Kyle Timmerman says:

Please, oh, please let there be another earthquake!

Jenn says:

Kels, your mom said you felt an aftershock…I think that’s just as good as an actual earthquake. Ready to record some Carole King?

Kelsey says:

The aftershock was covered by the above video. In order for me to record Carole King there would have to be another, lesser, aftershock. Of course, in order for a tremor to equal the unremarkableness of my singing, there’s a chance we wouldn’t even feel it.

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