Xing in China

I’ve noted the hotel rooms in China are equipped for nights of passion. I’ve written about the rise of Chinese promiscuity. I even wrote about Chinese hookers and ice cream. Today, on CNN there’s yet another report on xing (sex) in China.

There are several things from the piece that freak me out. The first is about the rooms that young couple rent by the hour to get their xing on:

A sign on the wall warned: “If the linens are too dirty, you will lose your deposit.”

They don’t change the sheets!

And ever more disturbing:

A walk-in abortion costs $140 at the Haidian Maternal and Child Health Hospital, a large public hospital in northwest Beijing. Too pricey? Skip the anesthesia and the price falls to $55.

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moonrat says:

wow. (not sure what else to say.)

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