Introducing the "Where Am I Wearing?" cover

What do you think? Check out my guns! Actually, that dude is not me, but you’re welcome to imagine that it is. I’m neither that buff nor tan.

A big thanks to Paul McCarthy, the fella who designed the cover, and all of the other folks at Wiley who helped with it.

Where Am I Wearing? cover

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Kyle Timmerman says:

In case you don’t believe that that is actually not Kels, just scroll down to the previous post. That’s Kels. . . on a good day.

Kelsey says:

Kyle, That’s brutal. And here I was being all self-deprecating with the photo in the previous post and you have to go and be all deprecating. You’ve got the same genes and the same “ril purdy smile” buddy.

Kyle Timmerman says:

I couldn’t resist, especially since you haven’t signed our guest book yet. My smile is ril purdy, ain’t it?

Emily says:

here’s what jared had to say about uncle kelsey… first, he viewed the book cover photo and said… that’s not kelsey… then he viewed the pose from the boat and said… that’s kelsey!!!! he wanted to know why you were wearing a hat to go sking???

Kelsey says:

Emily, I was wearing a hat because it was in October and it was very cold. But really, the had didn’t help that much. Nothing gets by that kid.

Matt says:

Those jeans are a lot less gay than the last ones. Although, I would have somehow incorporated chicks in bikinis. Boobs sell.

Kelsey says:

“Chicks in Bikinis” I’ll pass that on to the marketing department.

Melissa says:

I like the cover–if I passed it while browsing in Borders I would at the very least pick it up and read the back:)

Kelsey says:

I think that is probably the best compliment someone can give a book cover. Let’s just hope I can win you over with words after that.

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