Sign my blue jeans, autograph my undies

I went all the way to Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, and Honduras and I didn’t even have the sense to get my blue jeans signed by the people that made them.

The good new is that if you go to this blue jean boutique in NYC they’ll take your measurements and while you sip an espresso they custom make your jeans on the spot. When they’re done, the three people that made the jeans will sign ‘em.

How cool is that?

The bad news is that with their non-custom blue jeans running $250+, it might be more economical to purchase a ticket to Cambodia and have the workers there sign your jeans. Actually, having the Cambodian workers sign your jeans would be kind of hard. You’d have to get 85 signatures.

Signed garments? That’s one way to get us thinking about the people that make our clothes.

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Kent says:

you could have something here Kelsey.

Kelsey says:

If you would have mailed me your underwear in Cambodia I could have gotten them signed for you.

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