Is this blog to bookish?

Because I’ve been told my proposal’s sample chapter are to bloggish?

Which is the reason I haven’t blogged today. I’ve been busy debloggifying the sample chapter. Actually, I think (hope) it’s just a matter of rearranging some of the sample chapter to giving it a longer format. It shouldn’t take more than a couple days to get it looking nice and bookish.

Editors are liking the WAIW? idea; I just need to keep tweaking the sample.

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Kent says:

Providing the question wasn’t rhetorical, no, I don’t think this blog is too bookish. Can you go to Barnes and Noble and read a chapter on Ms. Butterworth’s boobs? I don’t think so.

Kelsey says:

Good. Because is there really anything worse than a bookish blog?

Although, maybe I could turn that whole Mrs. Butterworth’s boobs thing into a book. You know, kinda like that “Why do men have nipples” book?

Kent says:

could do… “The demise of Mrs. Butterworth’s boobs… a comment on the American socio-economic shift.”

If it turns into a best seller I get 10%!

Melissa says:

I think your blog is just right 🙂

Kent–I like “the demise of Mrs Butterworth’s boobs” The sequel could be about the two-sidedness of how “sex sells” but there is still this faction of influential ultra-conservativeness. Like the family values thing and the response to Janet Jackson “nipplegate” yet the other side, with the DC madam and trolling airport bathrooms.

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