An excerpt on my underwear

If I was a OneDerWear wearer, I would have never created such a strong bond with my favorite pair of underwear. Here is a passage on them in my sample chapter on Bangladesh:

Jingle These

Multi-colored Christmas ornaments are printed on the boxers and the phrase “Jingle These” runs around the waist band. Eighty-three percent of people in Bangladesh are Muslim so Christmas isn’t celebrated, but its products are exported.

If you look closely, MADE IN BANGLADESH can still be read on the faded tag. I got the underwear as a gift years ago and, ever since, they’ve maintained a regular place in my underwear rotation regardless of the time of year or holiday season.

I wore them my freshman year of college when I rolled out of my dorm bed to bark at my roommates who were having an overly raucous game of Madden football at 3:00 a.m. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re wearing Christmas underwear in April.

I wore them when I took the GRE. I remember because they were on backwards, which I took to be a bad omen of my performance on the test. After all, how can you expect to get a score that will impress grad schools when you can’t even put your underwear on properly?

Kent says:

the humor makes me want to continue reading.

Kelsey says:

Thanks Kent.

There’s more coming soon:

I’ve got a long magazine feature coming out this winter and hopefully a book in 2 years.

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