A proclamation

In an effort to reclaim my weekends, from now on Saturdays will be “Website of the Week” day. I’ll simply post a link and a short blurb about a site that has caught my eye. Feel free to email me suggestions about sites to feature.

This week’s website:

Go and tell this guy where to go.

Readership is always down on the weekends, anyhow. I might as well save my precious words for peak time. It seems that most of you tune in to WAIW? when you’re at work getting paid. Shame on you. I’ll still probably do some regular posting on Saturdays, when so inspired.

With this proclamation we now have two scheduled days here at WAIW?:

Saturdays – Website of the Week

Sundays – A Thousand Words

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Rachael says:

How very careful of you – you said *most*, and I’m not one of the most. Oh yes, I do tune in during “worktime”, it’s just I don’t get paid for changing diapers, cooking melas, hanging up washing blah-de-blah. At least not in money. In fact tuning into WAIW *is* work for me = on more than one occasion I’ve gathered the kids (that’s the work bit) round and we’ve had a look at what you’ve said, and on good days had a chat about it as well. So much more interesting than teaching them from textbooks;-) Thanks.

Kelsey says:

Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m honored to be a part of your work day and your children’s education.

Kent says:

I’m included in the “most” section.

Providing countless thousands of Cube-farm captives with a daily glimpse of life outside the grid is esteemed more than you know.

Thank you Kelsey.

Kelsey says:

Kent, I’m “Outside the grid” huh? Is that a polite way of saying I’m weird? Either way, I take that as a compliment. Thanks.

Kent says:

haha… I was referring to the lives of thoes who you write about. The people who remain a person when the office network goes down. That’s what I mean by “off the grid.” But, yes, you are weird and that’s cool too.

Lisa says:

Thankfully, I’m no longer reading from the (paid) comfort of a cubicle – I’m unemployed, homeless, and wandering Central America. I’m still enjoying tuning in to WAIW as a welcome break from torturing the locals with my bad Spanish, though….

Kelsey says:

Lisa, I have the utmost respect for anyone who is unemployed by choice. Way to go. Enjoy Central America. Good luck with the Spanish.

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