"Lightning Bugs" in the CS Monitor

In my neck of the woods we call them Lightning Bugs. So you can tell the editors assigned their own title in my most recent contribution to the CS Monitor, Fireflies illuminate summer memories.

I like the title, but to me they’ll always be Lightning bugs. Lightning vs. Fire…which one sounds cooler? I thought you would agree with me.

And if you were wondering, I caught some lightning bugs since I’ve been home this summer. And let me tell you, it’s not easy catching them when you’ve got a dog following you snapping them out of the air.

Justin says:

Kels I would agree “lightning bugs” have always been the correct term for them fast little bugs…

Melissa says:

It’s funny–in CA, where we don’t have the little bugs, they seem to be referred to as fireflies. But here in IN they are definitely lightening bugs. Here’s an interesting entry from Answers.com

“lightning bug

See firefly.

REGIONAL NOTE Although firefly remains the literary and formal word, lightning bug is the term used by the majority of Americans for the slow-moving flying insect that flashes in the dark. Nearly 80 percent of those interviewed for the Dictionary of American Regional English volunteered lightning bug, while not quite 30 percent said firefly (including those who said both). Only in the northernmost states, especially New England, and along the Pacific coast, does firefly hold its own with lightning bug. Bug itself is nowadays an American term; since the 18th century, the British have preferred insect.”

Kelsey S. says:

I grew up calling them Fire Butts!!

Kelsey says:

Fire butts? What part of the country do you hail from.

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