When it comes to this contest you are all a bunch of losers.

Except for Kyle.

What does he win???? A personal visit from me. That’s right, in the next month or two I will hop on a plane and visit Kyle in Galveston, Texas.

Yeah, yeah, he’s my brother. But if you would have won, I would have visited you, honest.

Bet you wish you’d have entered now.

Kyle Timmerman says:

O.S.H.I.T, I won!! I’m not sure about the prize though. . . .

Kelsey says:

You know it’s the best darn prize ever! We can hold hands and skip on the beach. It will be great!

Jenn says:

That IS quite a prize…even I’ve never skipped on the beach with Kyle. Be warned Kels, sometime nefarious things lurk on the beach at night. Get your ninja skills ready.

Kelsey says:

No one messes with two dudes skipping on the beach holding hands. They no better.

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