If you thought this was a vacation…

It wasn’t. I worked my tail off.

The old laptop I brought on this trip has a grand total of 714 Kb left on the hard drive. That means it has room for about half of one photo.

Some more stats…

I’ve taken some 3,000 pics.

Written 2 Mb worth of notes (trust me that’s a lot).

Posted over 22,000 words on this here blog in the last 3 months.

Recorded over 12 hours of audio.

Lynne says:

What are you trying to say here Kels? Are you looking for some sympathy? Or, a pat on the back, maybe?

Kelsey says:

What I’m saying is that I know that people will come up to me and say, “Sounds like a great time. Soak it up while you’re young.”

There’s nothing great-time-ish about hanging out at garment factories.

Kent says:

714kb… That’s dangerous Kels. You better back that thing up.

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