WAIW? to hit the airwaves

I taped my second interview for the World Vision Report on Wednesday. The first covered the premise of my quest and my experiences in Honduras and Bangladesh. Wednesday’s just covered Cambodia.

When I look back at all of the interviews I’ve given over the years….wait, these were my first two. Anyhow, I think they went well, but I don’t have anything to compare them to. At the end of both interviews, I felt like I should have mentioned something that I didn’t get a chance to work in:

I should have told Peggy, the host, that the most surprising thing about Cambodia was getting a shoulder massage at the urinal. Or when she asked me what else I’ve been up to I should have told her about visiting the dump and playing Frisbee with the kids who collect plastic for 25-cents/day.

So on and so on…

In hindsight, some things, like the dump, I probably should have mentioned and, other things, like the urinal massage, I was wise not to bring up. All-in-all I think I do well enough for the professional producers and editors to make me sound semi-intelligent. Of course, I haven’t heard the final cut yet.

There hasn’t been a date set for the first interview to air, but you can be sure that I will keep you posted. The 3 interviews (I have one more left to do on China), once started, will air over a 3-month period, mirroring my trip.

I’m looking forward to hearing them. You should too. How often do you get to hear a guy that sounds like Joe Dirt talk about his Bangladeshi boxers?

Not often enough, my friends. Not often enough.

— Here’s a link to my first ever radio contribution for the World Vision Report’s Reporter’s Notebook. In this one, Joe Dirt (ME) talks about playing soccer in Honduras.

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