Judging a City by its Police Blotter

Wherever you are police blotters make for interesting reading. Here in Cambodia they are slightly more morbid, but definitely possess the one quality that makes any blotter worth reading – too much information.

This particular blotter covers 10 days of crimes, mostly murders. The clips I’ve included below offer a little insight into present day Cambodia.

Police suspected revenge was the motivation for the killing because villagers had been unhappy with Seav and had accused him of sorcery.

…shot him once in the neck with a homemade handgun.

…was murdered with a bamboo stick while riding home on a bicycle.

…was found hanging from a mango tree…Police said he probably hanged himself…He recently argued with his mother-in-law after he sold a bicycle for money to drink wine.

…he hanged himself with his trousers after his father scolded him for truancy.

Like I said, a little insight. Oh and “truancy” means not showing up for work. (I’ll admit it, I looked it up.) I’ve been in Cambodia for one-week and haven’t seen one bamboo beating, act of sorcery, hanging, homemade gun or, even A gun, since I’ve been here.

Take a look at your local police blotter. What would a visitor think of your hometown?

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