28: It's the new 65!

Selling Smiles
(Note: That’s not me in the picture. I’m not letting myself go that much!)

Between me and you, the temple at Angkor killed my knees. They feel old. Going up is no problem, but going down…yikes! Elderly Japanese women were asking me if I needed help.

One of my favorite parts about Angkor was talking to the young girls who sell cold drinks, t-shirts, scarves, and about anything else you could possibly need and not need. They are pushy but fun and very clever. They got some money out of me and I didn’t want anything. Many of the girls speak multiple languages. One girl I met spoke 11!

Another girl, who I feature in the upcoming slideshow, knew the Capital of Ohio along with most of the other states and countries in the World. I had to buy something from her too.

Each interaction always seemed to have one part that disturbed me. They would ask me my age. I would tell them I’m 28 and then they would tell me that I don’t look that old.

Is 28 old? Between my grandma knees and these girls, I’m thinking it might be.


I’m 28 too, and I try not to talk to little girls for this exact reason 😛

Kent says:

wait… are you saying I only have two good years left with my knees?!

Kelsey says:

Kent, you’re screwed!

Kelsey says:

green la girl,

We’re old. We need to deal. We should start a support group.

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