Why I read the Dhaka news EVERY morning

Context: There is an emergency government in place (don’t worry Mom it’s more than peaceful time in Bangladesh) and all stores must close by 7pm.

The Headline: Light physical punishment for keeping shops open beyond 7:00pm

The story (verbatim, and no the typos aren’t mine):

A mobile court ordered about 70 traders to sit down and stand up by holding their ear in punished for keeping their shops open beyond 7:00m in Moulvibazar Thursday night.

My thoughts: The ol’ sit-down-and-stand-up-by-holding-their-ear-punishment – that’ll teach ‘em.

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Kyle says:

Ahh, nothing like a little light punishment to keep things running smoothly.

Lynne says:

OK, sons of The Big Bopper. Obviously they don’t have someone prolific enough to deliver a worthy

Lynne says:

Lynne’s message continued:

…”talking to” in the office. Who needs light punishment when you could bore them to death with 20 different ways say the same thing.

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