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Kent says:

I love how western policy makers feel like they can change the way an entire part of the world works with a stroke of their Mont Blanc pens.
I know people mean well, but let’s be realistic here… does Byron Dorgan really think that passing a bill will improve conditions in the world’s factories? If so, then I think it raise a whole series of questions such as:

Will this prohibition have a positive or negative effect on the family of average factory worker in a developing nation?

How are they going to know that my boxers were made in a sweatshop and yours weren’t?

Why not pass a bill against world hunger while we’re at it?

I just don’t think it’s feasible.

Kelsey says:

I was suprised to see Sherrod Brown, a Senator from my home state, as one of the main supporters of the bill. My experience with the average Ohioan is that they could give a flying fuzzle about sweatshops – whaterve they may or may not be.

Kent, no one could vote against your Ending World Hunger Bill. I could see the campaign commercials now: “Jim Smith hates starving children.” Cue the little boy with the big eyes and the fly on his lip.

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