This ain't no vacation


When I tell people that I’m going to be away for a few months they often respond with different variations of: “That must be nice.”

Let me clear up things a little…this ain’t no vacation. I’m not working on my tan. Fruity cocktails are the last thing on my mind.

Recently, the Travel and Tourism Competiveness Report 2007 listed Bangladesh as 4th from last of countries that cater to tourists. From the ground level this isn’t hard to see. The first day here I tried to get a room at Hotel Tourist, but Hotel Tourist does not accommodate tourists. Go figure.

While the people of Bangladesh are great, there is a complete lack of tourism infrastructure. If you want to go on a relaxing vacation, go somewhere else.

Bangladesh isn’t relaxing, it’s interesting.

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iamdeadnow says:

i applaud you, and drop a digital handshake/pat on the back to you.

Kelsey says:

Returns digital handshake. “Sorry, about my back being a bit sweaty. It’s hotter than hell here.”

Closes computer.

“Now where was that pizza place I saw today. The one right by the TCBY.”

Dhaka isn’t without the occasional taste of home.

Kent says:

TCBY?! We don’t even have that in Toronto!

Are you going to post any of the audio from your interview with Bibi?

Kelsey says:


I hope to post some audio from Bibi soon. Actually, my story with Bibi and her group is not over. She invited me to join her and some of the craftspeople that she buys from for the Bangali New Year.

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